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From taking orders to building customer loyalty, join the new fast-food movement.

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Digitalize your fast-food restaurant


Speed up order taking

Offer your customers a specialized multi-channel digital order-taking solution for your fast-food restaurant: order kiosk, click and collect, QR Code order, etc.


Increase your average basket

Offer your customers complementary products when they place an order. Obypay's artificial intelligence enables you to generate additional sales and increase your turnover.


Build customer loyalty

Keep your customers coming back with a loyalty program designed for fast-food outlets. With the Obypay digital loyalty card, your customers earn points or euros with every order, which they can easily spend later.

For fast growth, we have several solutions


ordering kiosk terminal

Install order terminals connected to your POS software to enhance the customer experience in your fast-food restaurant. Order-taking, payment and loyalty are centralized on a single interface to streamline the shopping experience.


Click & Collect

Optimize the management of your orders, kitchen production and staff with the Click & Collect solution for Fast-Food. You give your customers autonomy when taking orders, according to your production capacity, which means you can streamline order collection and avoid long queues.


Loyalty program

Encourage your customers to return with a win-win loyalty program: you reward your loyal customers and increase your sales. The loyalty program is integrated into the purchasing process on all your sales channels: click and collect, delivery, order terminal, QR Code order.


Tabletop ordering

Thanks to a QR Code displayed on your tables, window or counter, your customers can consult your Fast-Food menu, fill their basket and pay on their smartphone. Free up your staff's time, allowing them to concentrate on other tasks. Integrated with your POS software, orders are automatically synchronized with your hardware.

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"We use the Obypay solution to manage our order kiosks, which allows us to have several customer paths within the store. The interface is extremely intuitive and makes it possible to order quickly while discovering the Krispy Kreme offer."

KRISPY KREME Thibaut, Chief Digital Officer Discover the case study

"We needed to distribute multi-basket orders as well as payments to be sent to the different kitchen stands. Obypay was the most interesting and suitable solution to meet our needs."

PALMITO Matthieu, General Manager Discover the case study

"When it came time to change its checkout system, the Food Traboule team was looking for a solution to offer ordering and payment at the table. Advised by Cashpad, the management chose Obypay's Food Court digital solution, perfectly integrated with its new POS software."

Food Traboule Tamás, Operations Manager Discover the case study

"To simplify order-taking and facilitate the work of the teams, the management was looking for a solution to replace its old checkout system. Integrated with Lightspeed cash register software, Obypay's Food Court solution emerged as the one best suited to the management's needs."

Heat Charles, Director Discover the case study

"To enable players to consume during their game while preserving the customer experience, Obypay installed ordering kiosks right in front of the bowling lanes."

Factory Julien, Manager Discover the case study

"A real time-saver for customers and staff! What's more, thanks to the product suggestions integrated into the order path on the kiosk, customers order more and the average ticket increases effortlessly."

Auguste & Ferdinand Yoann, Co-Manager Discover the case study

"With over 20 employees, high-performance cash register software and a beverage dispense control system, Sales Gosses was missing a digital solution to perfect its well-oiled organization: the Obypay digital menu and tabletop ordering system."

"To win over its 'pro' target, Bocuse Original Comptoir chose to give them a major advantage: an online ordering portal as well as a dedicated pick-up queue."

Bocuse Original Comptoir Discover the case study

"We've streamlined the flow in our restaurants thanks to Obypay and their order terminals. The customer experience is now simpler, faster and more complete with the loyalty solution. It also allows us to be more efficient in the kitchen. "

Pock'n roll Adil, Director Discover the case study

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Frequently asked questions

Managing a fast-food restaurant? 

Whether you're an independent fast-food business or a restaurant chain, find frequently asked questions & answers related to your business. Get your brand off the ground with Obypay.

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Do my fast-food customers have to download an app to order at the table with Obypay?

No, your customers don't need to download an application. By scanning the QR Code on your table, they can access your online menu directly and place their order.

Do you offer an App for my fast-food restaurant?

Thanks to Obypay technology, your customers can choose to add a shortcut to their smartphone home screen. Just like a traditional App, this gives them immediate access to your fast-food restaurant. From menu to ordering to online payment, you can offer your customers a complete App.

Why are kiosks essential for fast food?

Order kiosks offer several key advantages for fast food outlets:

Improved customer experience: Order kiosks enable customers to place their order autonomously, without having to wait to be served by an employee. This reduces waiting times and gives customers greater control over their order, improving their overall experience.

Reduced queuing: By offering an alternative to traditional checkout lines, order kiosks help reduce congestion and queuing at peak times. This enables fast food outlets to serve more customers in less time, increasing throughput and customer satisfaction.

Order personalization: Order kiosks can be programmed to offer extensive personalization options, enabling customers to easily modify their order according to their individual preferences. This enables specific customer requests to be met, and increases the average basket by around 30%, as customers are more inclined to add additional items or options to their order when presented in an attractive and intuitive way.

In short, order kiosks are essential for fast food outlets as they improve the customer experience, reduce queues and encourage order personalization, while increasing the average basket by suggesting complementary products.

What are the advantages of Click and Collect for fast food outlets?

Click and Collect offers several advantages to fast food outlets:

Customer convenience: Click and Collect allows customers to place their order online from home or on the move, offering a new level of convenience. They can choose their preferred menu items, customize their order and even schedule a pick-up time, so they don't have to wait when they get there.

Saves time: By avoiding traditional queues, Click and Collect allows customers to pick up their order quickly once they've arrived at your fast-food restaurant. This is particularly advantageous for customers in a hurry who have little time for lunch, or for those who wish to avoid long waiting times.

Reduced ordering errors: By placing their order online, customers have the opportunity to check and confirm their choices before finalizing the transaction, reducing the risk of ordering errors. This leads to greater customer satisfaction and fewer returns or refunds.


Organizational optimization: For fast food outlets, Click and Collect can help optimize workflows by reducing pressure on checkout lines and enabling better order management. This can lead to greater operational efficiency and lower labor costs.

Customer data collection: By encouraging customers to order online, fast food outlets can collect valuable data on purchasing habits and preferences. This data can then be used to personalize offers, improve customer service and optimize marketing strategies.

In short, Click and Collect offers a range of benefits for fast food outlets, including a better customer experience, time savings, reduced ordering errors, optimization of internal operations and the ability to collect valuable customer data to improve overall restaurant performance.