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Increase your bakery's sales: 4 solutions used by Auguste & Ferdinand with Obypay

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Based in Northern France, Auguste & Ferdinand100% is a bakery concept that also offers a catering service and burgers, with fresh, organic, homemade products. With 3 stores, the bakery's management was looking for a digital solution to accelerate sales and boost turnover.

To support them in this process, Obypay has put in place a combination of four digital solutions.


Click & Collect bakery

From its website and its Google my Business page, the Auguste et Ferdinand bakery provides a system of Click & Collect.

Customers choose the bakery from which to collect their Click & Collect order: Lambersart or Avelin. They then choose the time of day at which they wish to collect their order. The times range from 6.15 a.m. to 9 p.m., with 15-minute slots. By browsing the digital menuIn this section, the customer chooses items from the Bakery, Savoury and Beverage departments. Once they've filled their basket, all that's left to do is make their payment online and collect their order.


The bakery order terminal

Are you surprised by the idea of installing an order terminal in a bakery? But that's exactly what Auguste & Ferdinand has done in its bakeries. Instead of queuing up at the counter, customers place their orders directly on the kiosk at the entrance to the store. Once they've paid at the integrated payment terminal, they receive their order receipt from the integrated printer. Self ordering kiosk. All that's left to do is pick up the order at the counter. The order is generated on the bakery's cash register thanks to the connection between the order terminal and the point-of-sales software.

A real time-saver for customers and staff! What's more, thanks to the product suggestions integrated into the kiosk ordering process, customers order more, and the average ticket increases effortlessly.


The digital bakery loyalty card

To build customer loyalty, founder Yoann Duriez has opted for the Obypay digital loyalty solution. With each order, customers earn points on their dematerialized loyalty card. And it works wherever the order is placed: click & collect, at the order terminal or even at the counter. The loyalty card is stored on the customer's smartphone in the form of a QR Code. All they have to do is scan it every time they make a purchase.


Marketing campaigns

Thanks to the various digital solutions made available to customers, Auguste et Ferdinand continuously collects data in its CRM. This information enables the management team to analyze the activity of each bakery, to better understand its customers and their consumption habits. To make the most of its data, Auguste et Ferdinand has also opted for the Obypay's marketing campaign solution. The brand regularly sends messages to its customers by e-mail or SMS to inform them of new products or gather their opinions: satisfaction surveys, Mother's Day, vacation openings, new product ranges, end-of-year celebrations... There's no shortage of opportunities to keep in touch with customers.

From click & collect to order terminals, digital loyalty cards and marketing campaigns, the entire shopping experience has been rethought at Auguste & Ferdinand. The result? 100% in customer satisfaction and an average ticket that's soaring!

Discover in this video how the bakery Auguste & Ferdinand has boosted the average basket and increased customer loyalty with Obypay.

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