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Offer your customers an enhanced experience with our digital solutions. Order kiosks, online ordering, payment at the table, Click & Collect... you give them more freedom, so you can focus on your core business.


click & collect

Generate more orders and reduce queues by offering your customers click & collect. Thanks to your digital menu, they can choose their pick-up time in just a few clicks, and you can simplify the organization of your kitchen. So, are you ready to collect success?


Self ordering kiosk

Your customers take their orders and pay at the kiosk. All they have to do is collect their meal from the counter.


qr code digital menu

Go paperless for greater efficiency. Updating and modifying your menu, promoting your products and recipes, streamlining your customers' ordering process... there's every reason to go digital.


tabletop ordering

Faster, more convenient, offer your customers the experience of ordering at the table. No more waiting for them, and no more rush for your staff, who can finally spend more time with customers.


payment at table

Save the best for last with pay-at-table. Simplify your customers' experience and relieve your employees with a digital 100% checkout process. In just a few clicks, your business becomes more enjoyable.


food court

Deploy a simple, intuitive multi-brand system: your customers fill their shopping baskets and pay from a single interface.

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"We use the Obypay solution to manage our order kiosks, which allows us to have several customer paths within the store. The interface is extremely intuitive and makes it possible to order quickly while discovering the Krispy Kreme offer."

KRISPY KREME Thibaut, Chief Digital Officer Discover the case study

"We needed to distribute multi-basket orders as well as payments to be sent to the different kitchen stands. Obypay was the most interesting and suitable solution to meet our needs."

PALMITO Matthieu, General Manager Discover the case study

"When it came time to change its checkout system, the Food Traboule team was looking for a solution to offer ordering and payment at the table. Advised by Cashpad, the management chose Obypay's Food Court digital solution, perfectly integrated with its new POS software."

Food Traboule Tamás, Operations Manager Discover the case study

"To simplify order-taking and facilitate the work of the teams, the management was looking for a solution to replace its old checkout system. Integrated with Lightspeed cash register software, Obypay's Food Court solution emerged as the one best suited to the management's needs."

Heat Charles, Director Discover the case study

"To enable players to consume during their game while preserving the customer experience, Obypay installed ordering kiosks right in front of the bowling lanes."

Factory Julien, Manager Discover the case study

"A real time-saver for customers and staff! What's more, thanks to the product suggestions integrated into the order path on the kiosk, customers order more and the average ticket increases effortlessly."

Auguste & Ferdinand Yoann, Co-Manager Discover the case study

"With over 20 employees, high-performance cash register software and a beverage dispense control system, Sales Gosses was missing a digital solution to perfect its well-oiled organization: the Obypay digital menu and tabletop ordering system."

"To win over its 'pro' target, Bocuse Original Comptoir chose to give them a major advantage: an online ordering portal as well as a dedicated pick-up queue."

Bocuse Original Comptoir Discover the case study

"We've streamlined the flow in our restaurants thanks to Obypay and their order terminals. The customer experience is now simpler, faster and more complete with the loyalty solution. It also allows us to be more efficient in the kitchen. "

Pock'n roll Adil, Director Discover the case study

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Frequently asked questions

Restaurateurs who use our ordering and payment solutions get their business off the ground. Click & Collect, Digital Menu QR code, Order at table, Payment at table, kiosk, ... Do you want to digitalize your business, but still have a few questions? Here's what you need to know before taking the plunge.


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WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES OF A self-ordering kiosk se?

The self ordering kiosk offers many advantages for digitalizing your restaurant:


Increase your sales
Restaurants that install a self ordering kiosk see their sales increase. Product suggestions integrated into the digital menu increase the average basket per customer.


Improve the customer experience
With the self ordering kiosk, you reduce lines and optimize service. Thanks to an ordering interface in your corporate colors, your customers are immediately immersed in your culinary universe.


Build customer loyalty
Some operating systems, such as Obypay, integrate a digital loyalty solution. By ordering from the order terminal, customers can create an online loyalty account and collect points with every purchase. They can also unlock rewards with each new order, and even pay with their Cashback balance. All your customer accounts can be connected to an emailing or SMS solution to send them personalized messages.


Make your employees' work easier
Connected to your cash register software, the order terminal automatically sends orders and payments to your cash register. It's a real time-saver for your staff. What's more, the risk of error during ordering is reduced to zero.


Differentiate yourself from your competitors
By installing a kiosk in your establishment, you're setting yourself apart from the competition. Even if the "order kiosk" trend gathers pace, you may be one of the first in your neighborhood to have one.


Attract new customers
Digital ordering, particularly from a kiosk, attracts younger, connected customers who are used to Mc Do kiosks.


QR Code menus enable restaurants to increase the average basket of your customers thanks to the options offered to them. Adding extras or complementary products in the form of additional sales: the Obypay solution includes artificial intelligence to increase the average basket by around 30%. In this way, a digital QR Code menu can boost a restaurant's sales.


You can personalize your digital menu by integrating your logo, of course, but also your graphic charter if you have one. If you don't have one, choose the colors used in your logo or even the decoration of your establishment. This will immediately immerse the customer in your world. And for an even more personalized digital menu, use appetizing photos of your dishes and drinks. For a more professional look, ask us for advice: we can recommend several agencies specializing in food photography.


Click and Collect is an excellent way to boost your restaurant's sales if you're limited by space and the number of tables in your establishment. With Click and Collect, you attract a local clientele who are often in a hurry and don't have time to sit down. It's a perfect solution if your restaurant is located close to offices or business hubs. You generate more orders at peak times, and you can facilitate kitchen organization by choosing the available collection times yourself. With the Obypay Click and Collect solution, you can also increase the average basket thanks to personalized suggestions when ordering.

obypay also offers loyalty solutions

With Obypay's Restaurant Loyalty solution, extend the experience beyond the visit to your establishment and encourage your customers to return.

Restaurant loyalty

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