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How Food Court Palmito simplified the customer journey and optimized order management with multi-brand ordering and payment.


Located in the heart of Biarritz, Palmito is a food court with 6 street food stalls and a Tiki Bar. Modern and warm, with a vintage feel, the place offers a wide variety of dishes (and incredible cocktails!). Just a stone's throw from the ocean, the establishment attracts a varied clientele, especially holidaymakers during peak tourist periods.

Obypay kiosk installed in a food court

01. Palmito's challenge: Facilitating order management and coping with staff shortages

Palmito's management wanted to improve the customer experience and facilitate order and payment management within the food court. 

The challenge was to enable customers to order and pay in one go at all the stands, without having to move from stand to stand.

What's more, like many catering establishments, Palmito was facing a staff shortage, making it crucial to optimize processes to reduce employee workloads.


02. Obypay's strategy: Centralize order-taking for all stands

Palmito has chosen the Food Court Obypay for its integration with their POS software Lightspeed and the possibility of distributing orders and receipts among the various stands in a single group order.

Our team has selected 3 complementary solutions to meet Palmito's needs: 

1/ The control terminals
2/ Menus QR Code for order and pay at the table 
3/ A control panel that moves between tables


Control terminals

From control terminals have been installed at various strategic points in the food court. These kiosks enable customers to place their orders autonomously by navigating through the digital menus of all the stands. 

Service is at the table, and customers simply enter their table number and settle down to receive their order.

This facilitates order-taking by reducing queues and increasing service efficiency.


Order and pay at the table with QR Code

Each Palmito table is equipped with a QR Code. Customers can scan this code with their phone for instant access to menus from all food court stands. Customers can browse the menus, select their dishes and place their order in one gowithout having to move from stand to stand. 

After selecting their dishes and drinks, customers pay directly from their phone, consolidating all orders into a single order. one easy, secure transaction.


Professional and mobile control panel

In addition, an iPad Pro connected to the digital menu is available and circulates between the tables, allowing customers to take their orders independently.

Convenient for large tables, or customers who aren't comfortable with QR Code ordering.


03. The results: smoother service and better team distribution

The integration of our solutions immediately made a difference to the overall organization of the Food Court and relieved the management and teams of their duties: 

Increased operating efficiency : The centralization of orders and payments enabled faster, more organized order processing, improving coordination between stands. This increased efficiency enabled the teams to better manage the workflow, even during busy periods.

✔ Enhanced customer experience : Thanks to the possibility of ordering and paying directly from their table or via order terminals, customers benefit from a fluid and intuitive experience, eliminating the need to move between stands. At the same time, the conviviality of the site is not compromised.

Optimized team management : By lightening employees' workloads, the solutions have helped to offset staff shortages. Staff can now concentrate on other, higher value-added tasks, improving overall efficiency and the customer experience.

"It's a very intuitive application for customers and for us too. Plus the support and follow-up we get with the whole Obypay team really makes the difference."
Mathieu Director of Palmito

Read Mathieu's full testimonial and discover how successful Palmito has been thanks to the implementation of our digital solutions.


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