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Food Court: 5 digital solutions to optimize your management

July 01, 2024
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Afterwork, first date or evening out with friends? No more headaches about finding the perfect venue! Convivial, accessible and modern, food courts are revolutionizing food culture all over France, with over 70 locations.

Designed to offer a friendly, accessible and relaxed outing, these gastronomic hubs bring together an incomparable diversity of foods and have become must-visit destinations.

Firmly rooted in the spirit of the times and aware of consumer expectations, these living spaces have embraced the digital revolution: order terminals, QR codes, loyalty programs... We tell you all about Food Courts 2.0

What's a Food Court?

Food Courts, or Food Halls, are restaurant spaces that bring together several food brands and bars. Each vendor offers its own signature cuisine, allowing customers to choose from a wide range of food and drink options, while eating on the go. For restaurateurs, it's an opportunity to handle a large volume of orders while benefiting from a space with a large seating capacity and the reputation of the venue.

These spaces are often located in shopping malls, near coworking spaces, campuses or other high-traffic areas, such as the Halles de la Cartoucheriein Toulouse.

Food Court des Halles de la Cartoucherie Toulouse

Is the Food Court a recent concept? Not at all!

The origins of Food Courts date back to the United States in the 1960s and 1970s. Originally, these spaces were designed to offer consumers a convenient and diverse alternative to traditional restaurants. They became popular for their efficient use of space, diverse food offerings and convenient service, all under one roof.

The key features of a food court :

✔︎ Variety of kitchens
✔︎ Relaxed atmosphere
✔︎ Flexible opening hours
✔︎ Attractive value for money
✔︎ Accessibility and central location
✔︎ Promoting local and international culture
✔︎ Events & Entertainment (concerts, stand-ups, DJ sets, etc.)

Why digitalize Food Courts?

Digitalization is a natural and necessary evolution for Food Courts. By taking the digital turn, Food Courts are reinventing themselves to meet consumer expectations while optimizing their own operations.

Customer side: Optimizing the experience

✔︎ Smoother customer flow
✔︎ Simplified payment
✔ Real-time information
✔︎ High-performance loyalty program

Food Courts operators: simplified management

✔︎ Centralized activity monitoring
✔︎ Reduce operating costs
✔︎ Improving customer service
✔︎ Integrated sales analysis

"We were looking for a solution to streamline the customer journey, improve order-taking and increase the average basket."
Tamàs Director of Operations at Food Traboule

What digital solutions are making their way into Food Courts?

Multi-brand ordering and payment: a single interface for the entire Food Court!

Order terminals to streamline order flow

A Mexican appetizer, a Thai dish and a gelato for dessert? It's possible, without queuing 3 times!

Thanks to control terminalsCustomers can access the menus of all the shops in one place and place a group order with a single payment at the end!

Why do we love it?
✔︎ Time-saving The customer journey is simplified by placing a single order for several shops.
Enhanced user experience : Terminals offer an intuitive, easy-to-use interface
✔︎ Flow management Orders and financial flows are automatically distributed between the various stands, thanks to integration with the cash register software.

Ordering and paying at the table with the Digital QR Code Menu

Gone are the days of flyers lying around and groups huddling in front of menu displays. Thanks to QR codes placed on the tables, customers can scan and access the full menu, place orders and pay directly from their phone, wherever they are in the Food Court.

Why do we love it?
Speed and efficiency Customers no longer need to go to the store to place their order. They can consult the menu and make their choice at their own pace.
Easy payment Customers can pay directly from their phone, avoiding queues at the checkout.
✔ Flexibility and customization : Customers can easily modify their order, add extras or specify food preferences.

Restaurant customer, points-based loyalty program active on his phone

The little extra that makes all the difference: L'Echoppe Transversale

Available on control terminals and digital menus, l'échoppe transversale brings together a selection of products under a common theme, taking the targeted customer experience even further. Veggie options, menus under 10 euros... all in one place.

The cross-sectional stall doesn't just simplify selection; it's a strategic tool for highlighting news, promotions and new products. Thanks to this feature, you can effectively attract customers' attention and increase the visibility of each stand. 

Why do we love it?
Offer simplification For customers looking for a specific offer, cross-sectional stalls make the choice easier by grouping these options together in a single category.
Increased visibility : By grouping products under a common theme, cross-functional stalls attract customers' attention more easily.
Targeted promotions : The cross-store is ideal for showcasing new products or limited editions.

Increase customer loyalty with tailor-made solutions

A unique loyalty program valid throughout the Food Court

Customer loyalty is at the heart of any successful strategy. To effectively build customer loyalty in your food court, it's essential to implement a loyalty program represents an effective and innovative solution. Unlike traditional programs limited to individual outlets, this solution enables customers to accumulate points and rewards across all Food Court outlets. This not only encourages customers to return on a regular basis, but also encourages exploration of the various Food Court offerings.

Why do we love it?
✔ Simplicity: A single program for all banners simplifies the enrolment process for customers
✔︎ Impulse to discover : A centralized program encourages customers to discover new shops, boosting overall Food Court sales.
✔︎ Collecting valuable data : The loyalty program allows you to collect data on customer preferences, providing high-performance insights for targeted, personalized marketing campaigns.

Marketing campaigns, the winning strategy

To maximize the impact of loyalty programs, a well thought-out marketing strategy is essential. Marketing campaigns play a crucial role in customer acquisition and loyalty, boosting the Food Court's visibility and actively engaging existing customers.

Why do we love it?
✔ Omnichannel communication: Marketing campaigns can be carried out through various channels, such as SMS, e-mails and push notifications via the loyalty program, to effectively reach customers wherever they are.
✔︎ Targeted communication : Use loyalty program data to segment customers and send personalized messages, adapted to the purchasing behavior of each segment.
✔ Performance measurement : Campaign results can be easily analyzed and adjusted in real time, optimizing marketing ROI.

Want to optimize your Food Court?

Today, Obypay is helping more than 15 Food Courts with a total of 90 outlets to make the transition to digital and e-commerce. they're the ones who talk about it best! Discover the Success Stories of Food Traboule, Heat & Palmito.

Let's work together to define your needs and the most appropriate solutions? This is where it all happens!

the future belongs to those who start early in innovation!

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