10 examples of Restoration emails for inspiration

July 24, 2023
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You've got your customers' e-mail addresses, and you've got the right software to send them messages, but you don't know what to write?

Don't panic, we tell you everything. 

Whether you have a restaurant, a bakery, a bar or even a leisure activity, we have selected for you 10 examples of Email Restoration that work every time.

1. Special menu

Valentine's Day, Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve, Easter... the festive season is always an opportunity for restaurateurs to concoct special menus and boost business... as long as they keep their customers informed.

Our advice: don't wait until the last minute to send your message, and don't hesitate to illustrate your menu with appetizing images if you have any!

Finally, end your message by giving visitors the chance to make a reservation!

2. Your opinion is important to us

It's a classic, of course, but don't forget: customers are always happy to have their say! To collect their opinions, you can program an automatic e-mail after they have registered in your database - at the time of the create a loyalty account for example. 

The easiest way is to use a form that can be completed directly online, such as Google Form.

Give preference to closed questions (answered by yes or no, for example) to make it easier to analyze responses. You can add a few open-ended questions (to which people respond freely with sentences), but don't overdo it: the answers to these questions give you richer qualitative feedback, but they are sometimes difficult to analyze when there's a lot of volume.

3. Birthday

=> Do you know your customers' dates of birth? 

This is an opportunity to program a to wish them a happy birthday. 

Take the opportunity to unveil a little gift for their next visit: a free aperitif or coffee, a special prize, a surprise tasting...

Let your imagination run wild!

=> You don't know your customers' dates of birth?

Visit a little tip to show you're still thinking about them: schedule an automatic email for their birthday... their first visit to your home !

4. Click & Collect

Do your customers know about your takeaway or delivery service? 

Don't wait for them to find you via delivery platforms. 

Give them the opportunity to order directly from your website, for example, without going through intermediaries.

5. Opening / Closing

Are you closing for the vacations or staying open? Send a message to your customers to keep them informed and avoid disappointment. 

If you're announcing a period of closure, don't forget to end your message on a positive note. emphasizing your reopening date.

And, if you're closing because of renovation work, take the opportunity to encourage them to come and discover your new layout. You can even reveal a few clues to whet their appetites!

6. Loyalty

If you have a good CRM (customer relationship management tool), you have access to detailed information on your customers' consumption habits.

You may decide to write to them to reward them for their loyalty (10th visit to us - amount ordered... etc). It's an opportunity to show your customers that you know them well, and that each of them is special to you.

7. Visit us again

As opposed to thanking loyal customers, don't hesitate to get in touch with occasional customers. 

You can use formulas such as "We miss you" or "It's been a long time since we've seen you".including in the subject line of the message itself.

Again, if your CRM is well exploited, you can create marketing automations to send reminders based on the date of the last visit. 

Avoid sending this kind of message too regularly, so as not to overwhelm them with e-mails. And if, after several reminders, your customer still hasn't come back, don't insist.

8. Rating

Want to boost your rating on Google or Tripavisor?

If you want to collect as many positive reviews as possible, it's best to send your most loyal customers a request by e-mail. This will avoid any unpleasant surprises from unhappy customers.

You can organize a one-off email campaign by selecting your best customers from your database. Or you can set up a automatic email which is sent after every 10th visit, for example: this will enable you to have a regular flow of new reviews on online review platforms.

9. Event

Are you organizing a special event in your establishment? Don't forget to tell your customers.

A soccer match, an evening concert, a wine tasting, an art exhibition... any occasion is a good opportunity to show your customers that you're taking initiatives on their behalf.

And as always, don't forget to end your e-mail with a call to action such as a registration or reservation.

10. Your story

Have you ever told your customers the story of your restaurant? Or how you became attracted to the restaurant business?

Through a dedicated email, share your passion for the trade and even your career path. 

This is what we in marketing call the "storytelling. Like everyone else, your customers love to be told stories: it strengthens the bond with your establishment and enriches your relationship with your customers.

People often come to restaurants more for the experience than for the meal itself. 

You can also introduce each member of your team to create a warmer, more intimate environment in your establishment.

Did you like these examples of Email Restoration? Now it's your turn!

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