Which order-taking system should you choose for your restaurant?

September 27, 2023

Order taking is one of the pillars of restaurant management.

The choice ofa good order-taking system is essential for smooth order management, limiting the risk of error, improving the customer experience and boosting sales.

With technological innovations, the restaurant order-taking process is taking a real turn for the better. So how do you choose an order-taking system? Is it possible to opt for several solutions? Is it complicated to switch to digital ordering? 

Discover the different order-taking systems and make the right choice for your restaurant.

1. Classic order taking

Ah, the good old order book! How can we leave behind this system that has worked for decades? Paper orders continue to win over restaurateurs because they're so easy to use. Yes, but... Even though it's the most widespread and oldest method, it increases the risk of error, especially during peak hours. The waiter has to enter the order by hand into the cash register software to edit the bill... A real waste of time! That's why restaurateurs are gradually abandoning this type of order-taking in favor of digital order-taking.

2. Tablet Ordering Software

Many restaurants opt for touch-screen order-taking software. Servers enter the order directly onto a tablet or smartphone, reducing transcription errors and speeding up the process. Some of these systems also integrate payment functionalities. The problem? Your customers still have to wait for a waiter to order.

3. Counter Ordering Systems

Many fast-food outlets use countertop ordering systems. Customers place their order on a touch screen and can pay directly. Why install this system at the counter rather than in the dining room? Look at the photo below and you'll immediately understand: at the counter, the customer can see the product or even the preparation in the kitchen. This will whet their appetite and make them want to order even more!

Camurria chooses a countertop order-taking solution

4. Control terminals

More and more restaurants are installing control terminals like Mc Donald's. Customers can place their order and pay directly from a touch screen. You can even personalize your kiosks by decorating them in your restaurant's colors. Some order kiosks incorporate a scanner, enabling customers to scan their loyalty card and be automatically recognized by the terminal. 

Pock'n Roll restaurant in Levallois-Perret opts for wall-mounted control terminals

5. Room Control Terminals

In-room ordering terminals are tablets or touch screens placed on each table. Customers can browse the menu, place their order and even request the bill without the help of a waiter. While this ordering system has its advantages, it's important to ensure that the screen is well protected to avoid any material damage. The alternative to this solution is to let customers use their own smartphones to order.

At the Palmito in Biarritz, customers can order on tablets provided by the staff.

6. QR Code ordering via smartphone

Visit QR Code order entry is becoming increasingly popular. By scanning QR codes placed on tables, customers can consult the menu, place their order and pay directly from their smartphone. Some solutions include an automatic product push function, so you can effortlessly increase your average shopping basket!

What's more, with this order-taking system, you can collect data on your customers' preferences and improve your menu content.

At the La Barge barge-bar in Lyon, orders are taken via smartphone using a QR Code displayed on the tables.

7. Remote control systems

With remote ordering systems, customers can place their order online before arriving at the restaurant. This is particularly popular in Click & Collect to limit queues and anticipate production in the kitchen. Not only restaurateurs, but also bakers, grocers and caterers have taken up the challenge in the wake of the health crisis...

The Auguste & Ferdinand bakery near Lille has set up a click & collect order-taking system.

The choice of order-taking system depends on the size and style of your restaurant, as well as your personal preferences. It's important to choose a solution that not only simplifies the ordering process, but also enhances your customers' overall experience. Of course, you may decide to mix several ordering systems, such as QR Code ordering and kiosk ordering.

Make sure the solution you choose is compatible with your cash register software.

With Obypay, you have access to a wide selection of order-taking solutions. Ask an Obypay expert for advice on choosing your order-taking system.

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