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Food Court: digital solutions to boost the customer experience

04 July 2023

If you've ever been to a Food Court, you've probably already experienced it: when you want to order your tomato-burrata at the Italian stand, grab a cheeseburger-french fries from the neighbor's, and finish with a waffle at the Belgian stand, you'll have to :

  • queue 3 times;
  • place 3 orders;
  • and settle each payment at 3 different cash desks!

This is even truer when you're coming as a family, and everyone has different desires.

That's enough to curb a customer's curiosity!

The ordering and payment experience can then quickly break down the appeal of the Food Court: the pleasure of a "made-to-measure" meal in a friendly, uncomplicated atmosphere.

As a result, customers concentrate on a single stand, and other restaurateurs only benefit from part of the traffic in the Food Court.

So how do you manage multi-ordering in a food court without generating friction?

Some innovative Food Tech players are offering new digital solutions that are changing the game.

One order for all stands: the big plus of Multi-Basket

Instead of having to go stand by stand to order and pay for each meal, your customers can centralize their multi-stand orders in one place via their smartphone or a mobile phone. Self ordering kiosk.

When the order is validated, the production ticket is sent separately to each restaurant operator concerned, along with payment, all via the POS software. 

All the customer has to do is collect his order from each stand.

Which control interfaces for Multi-Basket?

On site, customers can manage their orders via an order terminal or by scanning a QR Code laid out on the Food Court tables.

Food court: obypay's digital solution lets you order from several shops

This gives customers access to an online interface, enabling them to browse "virtually" between each stand to discover the menus and place their orders.

Each time an item is added, its basket is automatically completed, centralizing the products from each stand. 
The customer makes his online payment via credit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay or meal voucher.
It's simple, fast and ultra-efficient.

Multi-Basket: Click & Collect too!

No need to be on site to generate your Multi-Basket order. 

The ordering interface can also be made available on the Food Court website. The user then accesses the same interface as if he were on site.7

He can therefore anticipate his arrival and start preparing his Multi-Basket order remotely.

Can I manage a cash payment for a Multi-Basket order?

Whether via Smartphone, website or kiosk, payments are always made digitally.
But some customers prefer to pay in cash. 

What's more, retailers can't refuse a cash payment under penalty of a €150 fine.

So how do you collect a cash payment and enable Multi-Basket ordering?

You can use a professional order kiosk on one of the Food Court stands.

In concrete terms, the restaurateur creates the Multi-Basket order on this dedicated terminal and collects cash from the customer.

As with the other interfaces, finalizing the order via the professional terminal generates a production ticket and dispatches payment to each stand concerned. 

How do you set up Multi-Basket in your Food Court?

If you're not sure where to start, don't hesitate to ask one of our experts for personalized guidance.

Obypay offers an integrated Multi Basket solution with : 

  • Ordering and payment at the table via QR Code
  • The interactive order terminal
  • Visit click & collect
  • The professional order terminal for cash payments. 

Request a demo by clicking here.

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