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How a bowling alley increased its average basket by 30% with order terminals

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Located near Orléans, the Factory is a leisure center with a bowling alley, laser game, roller park, arcade, billiards...

In this vast entertainment space, the management team was faced with a problem specific to bowling alleys: allowing customers to order drinks and snacks without waiting for a waiter and without interrupting their game.

To solve this problem, the Factory called on the teams at Obypay, experts in the digitalization of catering establishments.


Control terminals in front of each bowling lane

To enable players to consume during their game while preserving the customer experience, Obypay has installed control terminals right in front of the bowling lanes.

Discreet and compact, these order terminals integrate a 10.2″ iPad screen and can be installed anywhere, thanks to their removable stand. The Eftpos terminal is positioned right next to the order kiosk, enabling customers to pay directly for their purchase.

The control terminals are also located in other strategic places in the leisure area: near the billiard tables, in the arcade area...

With this solution, there's no need to interrupt the game or call a server to order or pay for consumption. Orders arrive instantly on the point-of-sales software and customers just have to wait to be served.


+30% on average bowling basket thanks to order terminals

The availability of these order terminals immediately streamlined the customer experience and accelerated the ordering process. Staff no longer have to go all the way to the bowling lanes to take orders and collect cash: this is a real time-saver for the teams, who can concentrate on preparing and serving food and drinks. 

The installation of order terminals in the bowling alley and the various gaming areas has also had a direct impact on the average ticket.

The digital control interface available on Obypay control kiosks incorporates the following features automatic product suggestions During the order process, customers add additional products to their shopping baskets, just as they would if they were listening to a waiter's suggestions. 

Result: +30% on the average basket and a delighted management team!

Discover in this video how Bowling Factory increased the average player basket by 30%, while improving the customer experience and optimizing staff management.

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