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How can click & collect help restaurants during and after the health crisis?

August 01, 2021
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There's no doubt that the COVID-19 crisis has literally paralyzed the RHC sector. Some people will tap you on the shoulder and say "take advantage of this to work on substantive issues that you don't normally have time to deal with". But what if, in the end, this seemingly trite phrase hides a core of pragmatism? Under normal circumstances, commercial over-solicitation can lead you to lose sight of the solutions that can really improve your business, and those that will only waste your time. Among the subjects you may not have paid attention to in the past, there's certainly the notorious distance selling. You probably know it by its other little nicknames: click & collect, online pre-ordering, digital ordering... Many restaurants have done without it until now. The COVID-19 has clearly changed the situation, even after its passage. As we have seen, the restaurants that have limited the damage are those that were already on the starting block in terms of delivery and takeaway / click & collect.

What does this mean?

Today's anxious consumers have more than ever made online ordering part of their shopping habits. And for good. It's an indispensable demand. Traditional restaurants should also capitalize on this sales niche. On the one hand, to satisfy customer demand and, on the other, to compensate for the drop in in-store attendance. How can we respond effectively to this growing demand? First of all, you need to position yourself on delivery platforms. This will also benefit your own reputation. The commissions charged by these platforms are prohibitive, so it's a good idea to set up your own online sales channel in parallel, and promote it on your digital media. Obypay can help you create a customized 100% online pre-order module for your restaurant. Apart from the €59 monthly subscription fee, you won't be charged any commission. Don't miss out on this sales potential again. Give us 3 days and all you have to do is tell your customers about this initiative. We'll also integrate the module into your website, social networks and Google My Business.


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