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7 advantages of the digital loyalty card in restaurants

May 17, 2024
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Say goodbye to stamped loyalty cards!

The digital loyalty card is coming in force and your customers will no longer be able to do without it. And neither are you... 

We're not going to serve you the usual gravy train about how you're going to build customer loyalty and increase revenue. That's the basis of any loyalty program. 

The digital loyalty card goes much further.

So here it is 7 good reasons to dive. 

1. In the pocket !

For your customers, the loyalty card is always close at hand... or rather, on the phone!

They no longer need to keep a physical card in their wallet, which they always end up forgetting.

From now on, the loyalty card is entirely paperless: your customers can create it in 2 minutes and register it in the Google or Apple wallet on their smartphone. Impossible to lose or leave at home!

They can consult at any time : 

  • The number of points accumulated
  • Rewards available or soon to be unlocked
  • The balance of their digital kitty
  • Special offers reserved for them

It's as if they always had a little bit of you with them!

2. Omnichannel

Whether in click and collecton delivery, on a Self ordering kiosk or even at the checkout, the digital loyalty card can be used anywhere, anytime. 

In your establishment, all it takes is a simple scan of the loyalty QR code stored on the smartphone, and the customer is immediately recognized. 

For online or QR Code orders, customers simply identify themselves with their e-mail address and a password. 

Throughout the order process, customers can view their points balance and redeem their rewards or cashback. And, at checkout, their digital loyalty card is automatically credited with the points accumulated through the new purchase.

Digital loyalty card on order terminal

3. Integrated to your cash register sofware

The digital loyalty card is integrated directly into your cash register system

At each checkout, you can identify the customer and link their account to the order. 

From your cash register screen, you can directly view available rewards, applicable discounts, accumulated points or the customer's kitty. 

Selected loyalty benefits are applied directly to the sales receipt. 

What's more, you can control the configuration of your loyalty program from a single interface. All you have to do is select the rewards you wish to offer your customers from the product catalog on your cash register.

It changes your life!

4. Customizable as much as you want

This is the great revolution brought about by the digital loyalty card. You can customize your points collection system from A to Z, as well as the levels and types of rewards, and even adapt the loyalty program to your customers' consumption habits. 

You can, for example, offer your loyal customers their favourite product: connected to your customer databasethe digital loyalty card allows you to keep yourpurchasing history and automatically identify the product most consumed by each customer. 

So, with just one click, you can trigger a personalized reward that will surprise your customers and make them even more loyal!

Because, of course, we love customization.

5. More flexible than ever !

10 pizzas bought, 1 pizza free... sound familiar?

Forget it! With the digital loyalty cardYou can be much more creative and offer any product on your card. 

Take the opportunity to introduce new flavors: offer the dessert of the day or the cocktail of the moment, for example. 

Better still, you can reward your customers' loyalty in the form of cashback.

Instead of earning points, your customers accumulate euros in a digital kitty. They can come and spend it with you whenever they feel like it!

6. Smart

With the digital loyalty card, it's not just the customer who wins.

With each use, you can collect valuable information about your customers' consumption habits: 

  • Medium basket
  • Frequency of visits
  • Favorite product
  • ...etc

All this data is essential to help you get to know your customers better, and to provide you with personalized offers.

In your CRMyou can analyze your customer base, create segments differentiating between small occasional customers and large regular customers. 

Restaurant marketing campaigns

You'll build up a knowledge base that's essential for managing your business. 

Connected to your customer database, the digital loyalty card also enables you to set up targeted marketing actions such as automated e-mail or SMS campaigns. 

Are any of your customers absent?

→ Send them a personalized message by inviting them to discover your new products.

Want to increase your average basket?

→ Set up an automatic message to encourage your customers to unlock a reward above a certain purchase amount.

The possibilities are endless! Let your imagination run wild and rely on solid tools for effective, profitable campaigns.  

7. Multi-brands

You own a franchise or several restaurants? 

You can propose a multi-brand digital loyalty card

Every purchase in one of your stores is credited to your customer's loyalty account. If some of your establishments do not wish to participate in this transverse loyalty program, you can always exclude them. 

You benefit from centralized customer loyalty management that benefits all your points of sale. 

And for the customer, it's a dream... He knows that his loyalty card is valid in any of your establishments. Your competitors have only themselves to blame! 

Is this it? Are you convinced?

Now is the time to take action and set up your digital loyalty card

Ask our experts for advice They'll help you make the right choices to attract even more customers.

the future belongs to those who offer a digital loyalty card

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