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3 digital solutions to boost your restaurant's sales with the Euro

August 01, 2021
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Have you just reopened your café or restaurant and are looking for ways to boost your sales?

With the Euro, soccer fans flocked to the establishments broadcasting the games.

If this applies to you, you've certainly noticed an increase in the number of visitors to your establishment.

To make sure you don't miss out and increase your sales during the Euro, here are 3 digital solutions that will change your life:

1. Digital menu

Using a simple QR code placed on the tables, your customers can access the menu directly on their smartphone. The result: less time waiting to order. Your staff have more time for service, and your menu is enhanced with attractive photos. And bye-bye to paper menus passed from hand to hand: an additional health measure your customers will appreciate.

2. Table order

What could be more annoying than being interrupted in the middle of an action to place an order? With our digital tabletop ordering solution, your customers can order directly from their smartphone, without having to wait for a waiter. They can continue watching the game without missing a beat. And you never lose a sale, even if your staff are overworked. The icing on the cake: less physical contact between your staff and your customers, to better protect them from the risk of contamination.

3. Click and collect

With the Euro, curfews lifted and gatherings once again authorized, many people are getting together at home to watch the games with friends. Take advantage of this by simplifying your takeaway offer with click and collect. Your customers choose the time to pick up their order, and can pay by credit card or luncheon voucher. The order arrives directly on your cash register software, and you get your production ticket to start preparation. Even if all your tables are booked, you still generate additional sales.

Not yet digitally equipped?

It's not too late to make the most of it during the Euro and afterwards, of course!

Within 48 hours, you can install the solution in your facility.

If you'd like to digitize your restaurant as quickly as possible, contact us today! We'll take care of everything.

the future belongs to those who start early (especially at our side)

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